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Onyx Business Parks’ journey to a modern brand and digital presence

Rebranding exercise

Adaptation and evolution are key to staying relevant. Onyx Business Parks, formerly known as Burrington Business Parks, embarked on a transformative journey, partnering with HLB Solutions to redefine its brand and amplify its online presence.

A brand revolution

Under the guidance of HLB, Onyx Business Parks underwent a significant rebranding effort, shedding its previous identity as Burrington Business Parks. This comprehensive strategy involved crafting fresh brand guidelines, encompassing logos, fonts, colours, and more. The result? The birth of the vibrant and sophisticated Onyx Business Parks identity, a testament to our agency’s commitment to delivering a brand that resonates with Onyx’s vision and values.

Crafting a digital showcase

With the new brand guidelines in hand, we embarked on the creation of a cutting-edge, accessible, and modern website for Onyx. The result was more than just a digital presence; it was a stunning showcase that not only reflected the essence of Onyx but also provided a seamless user experience. The website seamlessly integrated with Onyx’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, ensuring efficient data management and improved business processes.

Fuelling engagement through content

HLB Solutions extended its support beyond the website launch by delving into content generation. From compelling written pieces to captivating photos and engaging videos, a diverse range of content was curated to fuel Onyx’s presence across social media and the website. This ongoing commitment to dynamic content creation reinforces Onyx’s narrative and engages its audience on multiple fronts.

Nurturing and security

A modern website demands a secure and high-speed presence. HLB took charge, providing top-notch hosting and maintenance services to ensure Onyx’s website runs smoothly and securely. Additionally, ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services were implemented, a strategic move to enhance Onyx’s online visibility and drive increased organic traffic. Through these efforts, we are working to solidify Onyx’s position in the competitive digital landscape.

Boosting presence: Ads and campaigns

While the SEO magic unfolds, HLB Solutions has been executing targeted social media and Google advertising campaigns. These strategic efforts resulted in a noticeable boost in Onyx’s online presence, complementing the ongoing SEO initiatives. The synergy between organic and paid strategies showcased versatility and commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions.


The collaboration between HLB Solutions and Onyx Business Parks yielded significant achievements. Beyond the creation of a visually appealing website and a brand that resonates, Onyx experienced a consistent uptrend in website traffic since the launch. This success is attributed to effective advertising campaigns and ongoing SEO efforts. The diverse content portfolio provided has further fostered engagement and brand loyalty among Onyx’s audience. The dependable hosting and maintenance services ensure that Onyx’s website remains a reliable and secure online asset.


Onyx Business Parks’ journey, guided by HLB Solutions, stands as a testament to the power of strategic rebranding and digital optimisation. With a dedicated partner, Onyx is poised for continued success in the competitive business landscape. The collaboration not only transformed the brand and digital presence but also set the stage for a future where Onyx stands out and thrives.

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